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On the Red Carpet - SOHO Int’l Film Festival

Walkin’ the Red Carpet at the 13th SOHO International Film Festival, actor/director Nick Ronan stepped out in style to promote his gritty, Sci-Fi thriller BLUE FiRE. With audiences back in theaters, the excitement around the festival's week long event Oct. 6th - 13th had been building for some time.

BLUE FiRE screened Friday Oct. 7th at the Village East Cinema to a full house followed by a Q&A. Ronan and co-star Erica Camarano took the stage. “It’s thrilling to play in NYC at such a iconic theater with so many great filmmakers,” Ronan commented.

Although BLUE FiRE has screened in the New York Tristate area, playing at #SOHO13 felt different to its creators as audiences were finally able to see the film in a theater, and rave reviews started flooding in. “We’re so grateful to be here,” Ronan said. “This film took 2.5 years to make. It makes it all worth while." BLUE FiRE’s buzz continues to grow with hype growing around the film's next screening at the Queens World Film Festival, Nov. 5th.

(Top photo) Leading actor's Nick Ronan and Erica Camarano. (Bottom left) Joined by editor Austin Kase and actress Briana Carlson-Go



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