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Nick Ronan stars in New Sci-Fi Thriller, BLUE FiRE

Meet the darker, grittier side of actor Nick Ronan

There are roles in an actor’s career which allow him or her to tap into the darker side of human nature. Such is a part in the soon to be released Sci-Fi Thriller BLUE FiRE. Portraying Gabe Winters, a mysterious blue-collar lumberjack and former addict, Ronan delves into primal territory, playing a character both charming enough to almost trust and at the same time harboring an internal violence waiting to erupt. Traumatized with PTSD from something he saw in Covenant Woods, Gabe resorts to calling upon the only person he trusts: his ex-girlfriend, Mecoy.

Joining BLUE FiRE’s dynamic cast, Erica Camarano (SVU-Law & Order, Graceland) brings a sharp edge to Mecoy Saunders, the point of view character.  Battling depression, Camarano’s tattooed, chain-smoking loner is perfectly damaged as she struggles with her own demons. Yet buried deep, her feelings for Gabe still linger.

Set deep in the snowy mountains, the story follows two broken lives that come crashing back together when they discover something in the forest not of this world.  

The film offers very different looks at collaborators Nick Ronan and Erica Camarano who, playing opposite each other again after the success of their acclaimed short film The Secret Nobody Knows, tackle two very different roles.

Partially inspired by Kaufka’s Metamorphosis, Ronan, who wrote and directed, says he was also influenced by films such as Fire in the Sky, The Witch, and Alex Garland's Annihilation. Ronan describes BLUE FiRE as “...visually in the style of Terrance Malick if he made a Sci-Fi film."  

Though the story crosses both horror and thriller genres, at its heart, BLUE FiRE is a modern fable about rebirth. The film features cinematography from award-winning German cinematographer Juri Beythien and effects from veteran FX artist Adam Lima. The film is helmed by an all-star producing team, which includes Kimberley Browning, Kevin Chap, and Aron Meinhardt.

Executive Produced by Mary-Liz Lewis and Patrick Ronan.

BLUE FiRE is now in the final stages of post-production. Stay tuned for more details.



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