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European Premiere - BLUE FiRE

Photo credit: Nick Ronan as Gabe Winters

European Premiere - Ravenheart International Film Festival.

BLUE FiRE takes the world stage in Oslo, Norway August 25th-28th. Ronan’s Sci-Fi thriller screens at the state-of-the-art Vega Scene theater in the heart of Oslo’s bustling city center, not only marking the film’s European and Norwegian Premieres, but also its debut onto the international scene.

Set in the snowy Green Mountains of Southern Vermont, BLUE FiRE has made a splash on the festival circuit in the U.S., winning multiple accolades. The film stars Erica Camarano (City on a Hill) and Nick Ronan, who also wrote and directed.

For more details on BLUE FiRE’s screenings at Ravenheart International Film Festival visit:



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